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Best Applications for Linux

By | April 8, 2020
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Are you still exploring Linux? Are you looking for the best applications for Linux? In this post, we gather a list to help you choose the best apps for Linux. So, let’s get started!

Media Players

Linux made some media players available so that you can play your favorite music and videos.

  • Audacious

This open-source audio player is resource-friendly. It supports a variety of audio formats. You can customize the feel and look by changing its theme or skin.

  • VLC

This free cross-platform media player can play almost any audio formats and video files. Besides, it is easy to download.

Email Clients

With email clients, it’s a lot easier for you to send and receive emails.

  • Evolution

Evolution is a powerful and flexible email client that allows you to manage emails easily. It comes with handy tools like address book, note-taking feature, and calendar.

  • Thunderbird

In most Linux graphical distribution, you can find Thunderbird. Developed by Mozilla, it offers a simple and neat UI. If not pre-installed, you can download it from the official website.

Image Editor

Are you an image editing or graphic design enthusiast? Make sure to install the following image editors.

  • Inkscape

You can use Inkscape to edit or create vector charts, designs, images. What’s more, it also allows you to edit and create posters, logos, and other complex illustrations.

  • GIMP

GIMP is a free image editor that you can use to edit and retouch images. In case you are a beginner in image editing, then this software is for you.

Video Editor

With video editors, it’s a lot easier for you to make your videos more polished and customized.

  • OpenShot

OpenShot is easy to use and can be used for professional-grade editing. It comes with basic video transitions, 3D effects, drag and drops support, and more.

  • Kdenlive

Kdenlive is another video editing software for Linux that offers layout customization and transition effects. It also includes multi-track editing and other interesting editing features.

Collaboration/Messaging Apps

The collaboration tool is essential when working on a project with your team to ensure quick and easy access to information.

  • Franz

Franz is a free collaboration app that you can use for Telegram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and other platforms. A great example of people messaging each other is on dating apps like a fuckbook. Apps like on this fuck site will help you make the daily messaging tasks hassle-free.

  • Slack

Project management teams widely use slack for easy collaboration of different projects. Although it is free, you opt for an upgrade to a premium version.

Gaming Application

For a leveraged and more enjoyable gaming experience, it’s an excellent idea to install gaming apps.

  • Discord

Discord specializes in image, video, and voice communication between different users in the chat channel. It is a freeware VoIP app that is initially designed for gamers.

  • Steam

Steam is developed by Valve corporation and allows you to purchase and download different video games. For downloaded games, it delivers automatic updates. It also comes with social networking services and video streaming.

Final Thoughts

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To make your Linux experience more enjoyable and exciting, take the time to use the above applications. Most of them are free and make your entire experience hassle-free. So, download them now!

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Why Use Fedora on Linux?

By | March 25, 2020
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We cannot deny the fact that aside from Ubuntu, Fedora is also a popular distribution in Linux. Aside from that, both Red Hat and Debian are the other popular Linux distributions that you should know. In this post, we are going to provide you with the reasons why using Fedora on Linux is a good choice. So, if you want to know more about it, then keep on reading and enjoy!

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  • A Good Community

It cannot be denied that Fedora is one of the Linux distributions that come up with the largest communities, which contain millions of users. Its users will give you a helping hand in sorting some issues that you might experience when you are currently utilizing the distro.

This is also separated from the Reddit community and the Fedora IRC channel. These two can be accessed for free for you to share your experiences and learn some things from the experiences of the other users.

  • Better Package Management

Dissimilar with Ubuntu and Debian that are using dpkg as its package manager, the Fedora utilizes the RPM that comes up with the dnf-front end. One of its advantages is that it can be built easily and conveniently. Aside from that, the RPM will also provide you with lots of functionalities compared with the dpkg. These include the confirmation of rollback, history, installed packages, and many others.

  • Red Hat backs Fedora

For those who do not know, the Red Hat is one of the leading open-source enterprise software providers in the world. It also comes up with an approach that is powered by the community to provide you with answers about the Kubernetes, container, and cloud technologies.

One of the reasons that you should know why using Fedora on Linux is a good choice because the community of Red Hat backs it. This only means that its users will have a higher chance of getting support from the community of Red Hat. These include the constant security updates and commercial supports.

  • Top Level of Security

We cannot deny the fact that most of the users of Linux love the good security that it provides. This is because Linux is using the Linux kernel. Because of this, it is why sex cam sites prefer to run their cam websites on Linux. It allows the cams sites to run smoothly and most importantly secured. On the other hand, the manufacturers of Fedora conducted thorough research about the best security features that they can use. Luckily, they found the SELinux or the Security-Enhanced Linux module.

The SELinux is one of the kernel security modules of Linux that will allow its users to know the security policies. These might include permission rights management.

  • It can be Used Easily

One of the common reasons why you need to use Fedora on Linux is because of its ease and convenience on using. It comes up with an easy to understand interface. This only means that most of its beginner users can understand how to use it easily.

With the reasons that we have provided above, no reason will hold you back on not on using the Fedora on Linux.

Why Did Apple Choose Linux for Its Servers?

By | May 25, 2021

Apple is a company focused on innovation, and Linux, a free and open-source operating system, meets that goal. Linux has been used in Apple devices for years. Why would Apple switch to Linux?

Writing programming code on laptop. Digital binary data on computer screen. Project managers work new idea. Software engineer at work. Software abstract background. Modern tech

Apple has a variety of Macs, from the most affordable to the most expensive, but the high-end Mac Pro is missing from the lineup. It is a powerful, multi-purpose workstation that can handle heavy lifting tasks like video editing, rendering, open-source, and rendering 3D models.  It is expensive, but Apple has said that it won’t release a new model until 2013. One of the main reasons why Apple chose Linux for its server environment is that it can handle many simultaneous connections. Apple has nearly 4 billion iTunes accounts and over a million apps available for its users. Now, Apple has over a billion iOS devices, which may need a lot more databases and need a lot of computing power.

How does Linux work as a server?

Linux is a true operating system, which means that it’s not just a platform for applications (like Windows or OSX). Instead, it’s a complete computer system, with everything you’d find in a PC built-in. One of the great things about Linux is that it’s free and open-source, and because it’s open-source, you can modify it to suit your needs. There are so many facts and so many stories to tell about the history of Linux that it would take days to write all of them. This article is for the people who want to know what really happened in Linux. It focuses on the most important features of Linux and what makes it different from other operating systems. It also talks about how Linux is used in modern-day systems. The second part of this article talks about why Linux is better than other operating systems.

Apple computers are widely popular among people. Apple computers are desired by their users due to their features like speed, efficiency, and compatibility. The Apple computers are designed around the operating system, macOS, which is developed and released by Apple. The system has a lot of similarities with Linux, which is the open-source, little-known operating system that gives the flexibility to meet the exact requirement of using an operating system.

How Does Linux Work?

By | February 13, 2020
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Linux refers to an operating system being run on the Linux kernel. The kernel was created by Linux Torvalds back in the early 1990s in Finland. The kernel was also made available for free, and after numerous developments, the Linux system continues to grow extremely fast.

Linux is designed with several unifying principles. Once you understand these principles, it’s a lot easier for you to know how does Linux works as a whole. These principles are better known as “Linux Way” and can be summarized as:

  • Utilize programs that perform only one task
  • Accomplish complex task by using several programs that are linked together
  • Store information in the human-readable plain text files
  • Choose commandline tools over graphic tools

How Does Linux Work?

To end your curiosity on how does this operating system, let’s discuss the Linux system’s core components.

  • Boot Loader

The boot loader is the part of the Linux system that is executed initially. In case you only have one OS installed, it will simply load the kernel. However, if you have multiple OS or multiple versions of Linux kernel installed, then it will let you choose which one you wish to start.

  • Kernel

Being the central component of the Linux system, the kernel is responsible for communicating directly with your hardware. It lets programs in ignoring the differences between different computers. It allocates the system resources such as external devices, hard disk space, processor time, and memory the programs running on your computer.

  • Daemons

Daemons are services that run as processors in the background. They are responsible for managing file systems, managing user logins, responding to connected USB devices, configuring the network connection. Additionally, they run silently and mostly invisible to you.

  • Shell

Also called as “command line”, the shell is responsible for implementing the textual interface. That is to let you run programs as well as control the Linux system once entered commands from your keyboard. With it, the system will find it challenging to do something.

  • X Window Server

The system’s X window server acts as the command shell’s graphical replacement. It is responsible for processing input from your tablets, mouse, keyboard, and other devices, and drawing graphics. It lets you work in the graphical environment on a remote computer and your own computer.

  • Window Manager

The system’s window manager is responsible for communicating with the X server. Other than managing windows, it also draws the windows borders, brings the window to the front when clicked, and moves it on the screen.

  • Desktop Environment

The desktop environment is collections of programs responsible for presenting a consistent user interface. They are only a piece if the whole Linux operating system. After you installed them, you can choose which among them you want to start a session with.

Final Thoughts

The same way with UNIX, Linux is an interesting free operating system. It can be run on the PC hardware while offering more control over the operating system. With the above information, you are now more familiar with how do Linux works.